Strategy, Communications and Go-To-Market Expertise

Our Approach and Values Include:

  • Smart (business savvy) + focused execution
  • Balance of analytical and creative talent
  • A refreshingly sensible and no-nonsense approach
  • Core belief in providing clients with keys to success
  • Grounded in marketing fundamentals in today’s interconnected world
  • Higher resonance with the customer as a result of value-based approach: targeted, relevant to the customer, and grounded in marketing evidence

“Working with Ciana Associates, we were able to develop a clear and simple story that focus on the key value points that resonate with the investment community, as well as with prospective partners and customers in the biofuels market.“

Sue Kunz, CEO, American BioResources

“Ciana Associates helped us refine our messages and develop a succinct and compelling sales package that distinguishes us from other agencies in a highly competitive market.”

Anne Arjani, The Arjani Group

“The competitive team developed resources, like sales alerts and Gameplanners that got reps started with a solid foundation and freed up my team to work with other sales teams and to take on a greater volume of deals…With the ongoing help of the competitive team, we were able to increase [deal volume] throughput 3-4X”

Kevin Imm, Team Leader Competitive Engagement Center, Sun Microsystems

“Cindee and Nancy and their team helped to connect the dots [between the UltraSPARCTM T1 CoolThreads servers and the Eco Responsibility Campaign] so the sales force didn’t have to. They were able to grasp the core value of the technology, link this to customer needs and help us to identify the competitive differentiators and drive a positioning platform that was clear, compelling and backed by evidence.”

Fadi Azhari, SPARC Systems Marketing Director